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Go-Go Rach  once was a girl whose world was controlled by the idea that she was POWERLESS. After a chain of events, she realized she'd been lied to. Now she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, with whomever she chooses to do it with.

Her blog chronicles the horrors she experienced in the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous (THE CULT) and the wonderful things she does now that she's escaped. *IF SHE BIT HER TONGUE ANY LONGER, IT WOULD BLEED!*

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, I made it into Alameda late last night.  It was an uneventful journey, aside from the alarming price of gas.  Nearly four dollars a gallon in some areas!  It's a lot, but I am okay with paying a little more because I'm happy for the Middle East that they, too, are stealing their independence back.  Go YOUS!  Everyone needs and deserves it.  I know I DO!

When I made it back to CALI, I did a little dance in my car.  I AM BACK to where I belong.  Mom, Dad, I don't know what the hell you were thinking, but I am a CALIFORNIA GIRL through and through.   I love it here and the only reason I am ever leaving this place again is to travel.  OR MEET MY HUBBY, if he is from somewhere else.  Er, if I get to have a hubby...

Ahem, BRITISH applicants who are educated, independent, self actualized and BRILLIANT need apply.  Go-Go Rach ain't settling for anything less (unless you are one Mr. Scott, I may make an exception for you. Yeah.  Really.)  Just kiddin'!

Er, about the BRIT requirement - although some of my hottest lovers where from your part of the world!

Anyway.  I had no idea there are nice parts of Oakland! Saweet McJesus, my buddy from Emerson lives here!  His place is positively beautiful!  It's an adorable cottage, in a private neighborhood, with a yard, and smiling neighbors.  I am stoked outta my mind.  *happy dance*  It's gonna be fun to hang out with him.  I can  stay for a whole week before his roomie will start to trip, then I gotta find a place to land.  I feel positive that everything will work out just fine. 

Praise the Universe I am back in California.  I can breathe again.  Now I gotta get a job.

Benefit Cosmetics needs a sales associate, so I applied.  I think it will be fun as hell to help rich women spend their money to feel and look stunning.  Oh how I do adore make-up!  Benefit is magic.  Really.  I love it.  Sure, I kick it in track suits and sneakers most of the time, but I look smoking freaking hot when I go to work or out on the town.  I hope I'll get an interview there, but I plan to apply anywhere and everywhere, I need a JOB.  A.S.A.P.!  *FINGAS CROSSED*

I got a lot of shit to do and, I gotta do it FAST.  I'm working on a list.  One thing I gotta say is that I am looking forward to this being the last time for a WHILE!  Of course, you never know.  My life is a PIN BALL MACHINE, after all.  I'm getting so I don't mind so much anymore.  *shrugs*  It is what it is. 


I hope my mother will stay true to her word and return my things.  I'm especially attached to my books.  As I've said many times before,  I AM A BOOK WHORE. I read fast and I read LOTS.  I brought the ones I think are important for now - yeah, that was a CHALLENGE!

Tolstoy's return is a given, since he and my mom's pug fight.  I am almost happy about that one.  I really need my little man.  I imagine his old heart is breaking right now without me.  I hope not.  I hope he's just hanging out, knowing I will be back to get him VERY SOON.  I am grateful that my mother did not throw him out onto the streets, too.  As much as I hate not having him with me, I know it's gonna be a lot easier for me to get my shit together without him here.  This sucks.  I can't wait to see him.  SOON.

This is what is on the agenda for Go-Go Rach:

Job, place to live, Tolstoy back, and my favorite things are gonna surround me shortly as I embark on the newest and BESTEST phase of my journey.  I am making it, friends.  I don't know if I would be here, if it wasn't for you.  I hope that isn't too sappy, 'cuz it's true.  I want you all to know how very much I appreciate you.

The best thing about the people I am close to now that I have left THE CULT is that I don't have to do anything for you all to like me, or be my friend.  You just want me to be the best me that I can be.  I thank you for that.  I am gonna make you all proud.  I promise.  You have my word.  I don't give it very often, so BELIEVE IT.  I mean it and I am STOKED YOU ARE ALL HERE.  *smooch*

Talk about *true friends*

I haven't seen my homie since the early nineties when we were hanging out at Emerson, acting a fool, like kids do.  We got in touch on the face book a while back.  I told him about my predicament when the shit hit the fan and he didn't hesitate to help me out of a real jam.  He has completely taken me into his home, fed me, smoked me out and given me a bunch of hugs and support for the shit I just went through with my mom.  He loves me and is happy to see me, even after all of these years and the situation I'm in.

*True Friendship ROCKS*  Enormous thanks goes out to him.  *big tight hugs*

I'm thrilled to be OUT OF THE SHITTY OF SIN, I tell ya!  *WHEW*

Tomorrow I get to talk to my friend about the resources available here for homeless folks like me (GAH).  I hope it is not that hard to get plugged in and I am happy the services are available.  I never thought I'd have to apply for social services again, but I do.  Since I've paid taxes forever, I guess I won't feel bad about taking advantage of what they offer.  Especially since I NEED IT.  LAME, but TRUE.  Temporarily. 

As another homie told me recently, "independence comes with a price, called LOSS."  He is 100% correct, and it KILLS.  However, what I have gained through this whole process is more valuable than anything I am leaving behind in reference to people who SUCK ASS.  I have a whole new perspective on myself, my life and what my future looks like.  That is because I have *TRUE FRIENDS*  that are a bonus of choosing what and whom I want in my life and what and whom I don't.  It *ROCKS* 


See ya on DREAM CHECK FRIDAY.  I hope to have GOOD NEWS!

 'Till Next Time,

DeConstrucor's Comment In Response to LETTER TO MY "FRIENDS" IN AA (page above)

"Brav fucking O.....Standing O fucking Vation. Or perhaps the Charlie Daniels quote from the Geico commercial of "thats how you do it son"

That was incredible.

Reminded me a little of "the letter" at the end of the Breakfast Club (perhaps the greatest movie ever)

Keep it up, dont be afraid to kick them in the teeth once in a while.

Always remember that its the misfits, the rebels, and the troublemakers that are the ones that change the world."

He post the following video at the end of his comment.

Thank you, my friend.
I am both Flattered and HONORED.

*This Video is here to support Decon's Words, not OBAMA (or any politician for that matter, since I've never been allowed to vote) Sincerely, Go-Go Rach.