Friday, March 20, 2015


Today is the first day of Spring, which makes for an exponential opportunity to begin the first day of the rest of our lives, wouldn't you agree? 

Finally, my life has come full circle to a place filled with opportunity for me to finally start the re-start to my re-start-over in ways that suit ME as a person who has fully extricated my mind, body and spirit from every single horror I learned whilst in THE CULT.

I'm off all medications, including those I used to self-medicate, as needed, with an honest interest in remaining sober for one purpose only:

To successfully complete the transitional housing program I currently reside in.

Yes. Some of us are sicker than others. I have no shame in publicly displaying every single nook and cranny of what's going on with me, as I am happy to be your lab rat.

It's been a while since I've regularly blogged, so for any newbies, let me break it down:

My newfound backbone, education and dreams brought this blog to incredible popularity in record time, with 3,000 hits the first month, 7,000 by the second, 30K the fourth...(and now close to 150k - much lower than might be, but pretty freaking cool, none-the-less!).

My mom (aka CUNTESSA) fucked me over royally after she was moved from my RESENTMENT LIST to MY GO FUCK YOURSELF LIST.

got my shit together, then lost the love of my life, which instigated a serious lapse in my ability to not get as fucked up as possible...

There. You're all caught up.


In spite of everything I've gone through, I am still thrilled with my decision to leave THE CULT behind. It's been worth every trial. I am happier than I've ever been and I cherish every second of my life, even the bad parts. That's the beauty of living an authentic life based on POWERFUL, vs. POWERLESS. I am no longer a victim.


Part of the reason I've struggled so much is due to the world's obsession with THE CULT and the lack of authentic support available for folks like me.

Although I've searched high and low for help with the real issues underlying my substance abuse (and chronic relocation issues), I've been hard pressed to find anything suitable, until now.

At last, I've found an excellent program that is committed to me getting back on my feet in ways that work for me.

I'll be treating my PTSD, DEBILITATING PANIC DISORDER, AGORAPHOBIA, ADHD and...with holistic therapies, including stabilizing goals, diet, fitness and out of the box mental health support in a place designed to get women on their feet within a year or two, depending on circumstances.

I plan to stay for a year.

My goals are the same as they've always been. I am getting the extra help I need to accomplish them.

It's off to a slow start, but I will prevail.

The program I am in comes with seven commitments;

  1. Case Management.
  2. Rent.
  3. Financial Transparency/Save 30% of income.
  4. Two group therapy sessions a week.
  5. One house meeting.
  6. A daily chore.
  7. No substance use at all, whatsoever, even medical marijuana.
With the difficulty I've had in truly getting my shit together, I feel like God Almighty has blessed me in ways that I have been praying for.


Due to my strong will and fierce independence, I fight the urge to bounce multiple times a day; however my desire to get better continues to prevail.

For the moment, I have only two GOALS:

  1. STAY.
  2. Meet program requirements.

Also, I will try to post at least once a week; however, I'm still getting re-organized here, so that may not always happen.

Thanks for bearing with me!


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Get on the BUS, we are headed to the place where dreams come TRUE!

'Till Next Time,

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