Thursday, December 18, 2014


So many things where out of my reach when I was in the CULT. One of the majors was authentic friendship. Sure, lots of people talked to me in service to idle gossip.

So glad to have been of service to every one of you pathetic drones, especially my old sponsor bitch! I gotta say, I still don't miss your FAT, SORRY and BOOOOOR-ING ASSES! 

Hardy. Ha-HA! 

Today, I have very good friends that have been around since I walked away from the lifestyle that stifled me for way too long.

Can I get an AMEN?

With authentic friendship comes a lot of perks I had no idea about when I was stuck in the world of powerlessness and desperation.

For example, I have been asked to house sit in a luxury condo that is located in the heart if La Jolla, by one of my closest friends. 

As most of you know, I do not,  nor will I ever participate in what I've come to call GLUTTMOUS for the utter CONSUMERISATION of my LORD and SAVIOR'S birthday.

Personally, I think it's lame. Blame my shitty up-bringing. However, some people love it. Good on YOUSE!

My friends have gone away to spend time with families that care about them much more than mine could ever be capable of. 

I'm happy for them.

And, I am happy for me! 

I get to hang out in the center of one of my favorite cities for the next ten days, where I will continue to pick up the pieces of my shattered life.

Another thing I only ever did while I was "OUT" is travel, such as I am doing right now.

In the CULT, I felt horrible about myself. Outside, I fear nothing. Go-Go FIGURE! 

For the moment, I am in San Diego to tie up the loose ends I left behind when I ran away from here and, METH.


My next post will talk about what it's like to really clean up THE WRECKAGE OF MY PAST.

Look for it next week, dollface!

For now, it is DREAM CHECK FRIDAY, so let's get to it!

Go-Go Rach Goals:

1.  Empty storage unit.
2.  Sell scooter.
3.  Get back to Douche Bag Central for LAWSUIT already  filed against my under-cover douche bag landlords (I will tell ya all about this one when it's over, too, my pretties!!).
4.  Publish THE WRECKAGE OF MY PAST on Tuesday.

That's it.

What about youse? Tell me all about it via my  FACEBOOK FANPAGE.

Get on the bus!

We are headed to the place where DREAMS COME TRUE! xo
Let's raise our glasses in celebration of POWEFUL, travel and great friends!


Till Next Time,


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